Cards With A Heart  has been a leader in
raising funds for the nonprofit sector through
business, corporate and personal
greeting card sales.  Our mission statement,  
Value to Customers, Giving Back  to
the Community" captures the heart of our
company.  By choosing Cards With A Heart,  
you send
so much more than just a greeting,
you send a gift to our community.
There is NO cost to your charity to participate.
Cards With A Heart  has created a unique greeting card program that allows you to raise funds for
your nonprofit organization.  Imagine... a program that creates visibility for your charity, raises funds with
no effort, costs nothing for participation and requires no internal program administration!  

Let donors send more than just a greeting card, let them send a gift to your charitable organization
Cards With A Heart.  We offer you the opportunity to receive a donation of up to 40% of all
profits from card sales in the  program.   From a large selection of cards we print a special message from
your organization on each one.  Your loyal supporters will welcome the chance to contribute  in such a
practical and simple way and others will be introduced to your charity who may not have been.  It all
makes "cents!"

Join other organizations, like the
Michale J Neustadter Pancreatic Cancer Fund, in this special program
that is so simple you can't miss out!
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Cards can be ordered directly online.
Each high-quality card features a pre-approved heartwarming message about your
charity, including your logo.
There is NO need to collect order forms or money.  
There are NO internal administrative resources necessary.
Your charity receives monthly reports and a revenue check for 40% of the cost of the
cards ordered.
Our online card program requires NO cost or resources and donates up to 40%!
Each card creates a no-cost "word-of-mouth" marketing campaign for you.  When
someone sends
Cards With A Heart  they are endorsing your charity to their friends,
family and business associates!
Cards With A Heart  provides you with all of the necessary marketing materials and  
establishes the web page for you!
Cards With A Heart  handles all order processing, customer service, billing and
order fulfillment.
We also offer fabulous products for your promotional use, such as magnets, gift tags,
invitations, book marks and postcards.
Your choices include an assortment of year-round, birthday and everyday cards.
For more information on the Cards With A Heart Charity Card Programs, call us toll-free at (818) 396-5477
or send an email to   
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Heidi Klum
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Pete Sampras,
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Courteney Cox
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Charity Greeting Cards
Alzheimer's Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness
Integrated Rehabilitation Therapies, Inc.
Michael J. Neustadter Pancreatic Cancer Fund
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

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design your own cards or add your business logo.
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We also offer you and your supporters an economical line of greeting cards, cards you
can buy in bulk and cards printed with your own artwork.
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Kellie Nicholson
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